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Photo Gallery

Welcom to the BFL photo page. Here you will find recent photos of my birds in the loft and out and around the loft.  Keep checking for updates. Please feel free to copy and paste my pics.

463 and 472 brothers from Shawnee & Allen


80728 Red Janssen/ Black Hen

465 & 467 From 2253 & 2267

Jerry T. Foundation Hen with babies

Jerry T. Foundation Pair with 468 & 469

Mango and her first squeeker

0618 Red Der Aarden cock with 0147 Silver Hen from Howard Roads

Shawnee & Allen

457 Young bird race team

2631-New Mama

Sassy and her first 2009 babies

Lion and his first baby

Da Kids playin in the trap

Aarden/Houben babies

Da Bressie Loft Keeper