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Hi, welcome to the Bressie Family Loft website. Here you will find information on racing pigeons and up to date news of the Bressie Family Loft's pigeons. My name is Slade, I race with the Wichita Friendly Pigeon Flyers in Wichita, Ks. We fly from 100 to 600 miles in the Old Bird season and up to 300 miles in the young bird season. We typically fly to the south from Perry, Ok. all the way down to Austin, Tx. Hope you like the site and stay tuned for some videos and pictures of my racing pigeons and how they are doing.-Slade Bressie

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BFL Loft News: The birds are freezing their tails off and not doin much more than eatin and poopin.     -Slade, Bressie Family Loft

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